THOW Council Letter

Unsure of how to approach your local council? ATHA has created a letter template that you can modify to suit your own needs. Click to download.

Council Regulations for Tiny Houses on Wheels

Click here for a nation-wide interactive database that collates all the relevant information on council regulations pertaining to tiny houses on wheels in Australia.

Credit – Fred’s Tiny Houses 

Land to Rent, Share or Buy

The Land to rent or buy for Tiny Houses in Australia Facebook page is for land to be shared in return for rent or trade to be negotiated between landowners and renters. Also for those wanting to find like-minded people to buy land with.
If you have a space on your land you would rent, or like others to buy into, please post what you have to share.
If you are looking for land, include as much detail as you can about what you would like.

Australian Road Agencies



Australian Capital Territory

New South Wales

Northern Territory

Western Australia

South Australia


The Tiny House Deep Dive

A report summarising the discussions and recommendations from a one-day workshop where groups of mixed professionals (planners, architects, local and state government reps, community housing providers, academics and people with lived experience) to see what implementation solutions they could come up with. The groups looked at key opportunities and barriers across three scenarios, including planning regulations and definitions, financing and ownership transfer.

[click to download]




Planning and Building – Permits for a tiny house

by ESC Consulting Pty Ltd.

To assist prospective tiny house owners in navigating the planning and building regulations around tiny houses (both fixed and on wheels)

Click to here download a copy.


Tiny House Planning Resource

With the tiny home movement being relatively new to Australia, tiny homes are not a new thing.  There are rules and regulations for areas of Australia, and although these regulations are often are not well adapted for tiny homes, it pays to be well informed.


If you are interested in building a tiny home but are finding it a challenge to gather the relevant information, ESC Consulting Pty Ltd has made it much easier for tiny house enthusiasts by putting together the Tiny House Planning Resource for Australia 2017. Click to here download a copy. This is a fantastic place to start your research, especially if you are wanting to build in a residential area.

If you think that Tiny Houses could contribute to the mainstream housing supply and diversity in our communities, if you think that they could offer an affordable housing alternative or if you are in property development as a regulator, developer or professional and would like more information or to get involved, get in contact ESC Consulting Pty Ltd.

Less is more, the Caravan re-imagined; Examining barriers to tiny houses on wheels as affordable pop-up housing in the 21st Century

Planning Dissertation 414
by Emmet Blackwell


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Please note:  As much as this information is believed to be up to date and correct, if you are wanting to build a legal tiny home, you should consult with your local council regarding the current regulations.