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Given Tiny Houses are relatively new to Australia, it’s not always easy to find the required information, services and professional to make the transition to a tiny life as easy as it could be. When I started designing my own tiny I found that there was plenty of information available on the web but there was a very limited amount that was relevant to the Australian market….and the Australian Tiny House Directory was born.

Our aim is to create a one-stop hub for everything a tiny enthusiast may need to help them simplify their transition to a simple life and connect with the tiny community.

The Tiny Community

Although still very young here in Australia, the tiny house movement is gaining steam across the globe. The Tiny House Map, created by Dan Louche and Michael Janzen, is a great way to find out what is going on in your area, connect with your community and other international tiny house enthusiasts. Simply click here, wait for the map to populate (takes a minute or two to update), refine your search and click on pins in your area to see what is about in any given area of the world.

As you can see, the Australian sector is yet to be filled out.  Why not take a moment to pin yourself to the map and contribute to the network? Let’s get the Aussies tiny lovers on the map. It’s simple to do and will contribute to building the Australian tiny house community.


Australian Tiny Houses Facebook Community

Don’t want to pin yourself to the global map but still would like to connect with like-minded people? Click here to join your Australian Tiny Houses community on Facebook.

Find Services and Experts

Find services and experts in your area by selecting the Directory tab at the top of the page or simply search for your required service via the search function.

Advertise Your Business

We are always looking to improve our resources for our tiny house enthusiasts. Get in contact to find out how you can have a premium listing in the Australian Tiny House Directory for a small monthly fee. Once we have received your business information and verified your details, we will have you listed on our website as soon as possible.


Read, Listen and Learn

Check out the blog or find books, DVDs, and CDs in the Books and DVD section. If you are at the planning stage and are wanting to find out more about the rules and regulations in your area, you can find information on the Planning Resources tab above.


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