Elle Paton – Founder of the Australian Tiny House Directory, is a Co-Founder of and sits on the Board of the Tiny Non-Profit, heads the Australian Tiny Houses Facebook Community, is part of the team that helped to kick off the Australian Tiny House Association (ATHA), it’s fair to say that Elle Paton is passionate about tiny homes and all that they stand for.

Elle is currently (& happily) living in the first tiny home with pre-approval from a council for long term occupancy in an urban environment. The St Kilda based tiny home is a working demonstration project to show that tiny houses on wheels can not only be a viable form of housing, but they can be homes where people can truly thrive.

Elle is also working as a Consultant to assist those starting out on their tiny house journey. To book a call, please click the button below and book an appointment via Calendly.