Two Tiny House Spots Available

Francine is looking to share her land with community focused people, who are water conscious, energy conscious and, above all, people who will be considerate of both the land and all other occupants.


Tiny house provided?

Occupants must provide their own tiny house and the owner of the tiny house will be responsible for moving the tiny house on and off the property.

Francine’s land is located 17km from Gratton, Queensland.

Off Grid or On?

Off grid and self-sufficient…that includes managing own waste disposal. This is a “leave no trace” arrangement.

Rent or Barter?

Barter – trading work for rent but potentially open to negotiation


The road leading up to the property is steep so please keep that in mind if you are wanting to move a larger tiny house.  It would be best to arrange an inspection of the property before accepting/reserving the space.

For more information and to apply for a tiny house spot, please contact Francine – 0426815472



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